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how did this happen?

How The Tiny Teapot started


I have a love for two things, Baking and Art. There is no combination quite like it. No sooner than I was old enough to say the word cake my Mum had me in the kitchen baking! Now its paid off and we bake and decorate cakes together. 


It all started out when I went to college and Art just wasn't enough I needed to do something more. Then that was it I began baking cakes and decorating them for my family and friends and before I knew it I had orders coming in from friends of friends. It was such a delight.

It was only then I got to feel the benefit for my talent and there was nothing better than seeing my customer's faces when they were presented with their orders.

I hope you enjoy the cakes!

Rebekah Thompson - The Tiny Teapot Cakes

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